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Debt Mediation and Intervention

Debt mediation is exactly what it sounds like: an attempt to settle debt through mediation. When you have been unable to pay your debts for a lengthy period of time, you are in a tough situation. Debt mediation, also known as debt arbitration, is a process that allows you and your creditors to reach an agreement that benefits both of you.

At ADB Financial Services we step inbetween our clients and creditors, negotiating on your behalf to arrange for payment holidays, reductions and settlements, as well as writing off reckless lending and revolving credit. We do this with NO FLAGGING ON ANY CREDIT BUREAU. 


Tax Services

When it comes to personal tax, we understand that your situation may be unique. As a private client, we take the time to learn about your situation and provide the assistance you need to feel secure.

We give tax assistance to customers who entrust us with their personal affairs, assisting them in navigating a complicated and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Taxation and tax preparation are critical components of every business’s success. The companies that genuinely profit from careful preparation are those that examine the tax implications of every transaction. It’s a continuous procedure that will save you time and money in the long term. Not only we handle all of your statutory tax obligations – such as provisional tax, income tax returns, trusts, and other SARS-related questions and investigations – but we also provide intelligent and pragmatic tax advice and planning. 


Late Estate Management

As part of our Financial Services, we provide dead Late Estate Administration in South Africa. We handle the estate administration in line with the deceased’s Will or the provisions of an Intestate Succession, as well as any applicable laws.

We realize how difficult it is to lose a loved one, and how stressful it may be to wind up their estate. We’ll assist you in getting through this trying period by easing the strain of interacting with the legal system. Our expert estate administrator will keep in regular contact with you to guarantee a seamless transaction from beginning to end.


Retrenchment Management and UIF Claims

The experience of job loss or retrenchement can be very overwhelming and knowing what steps to take is usually overlooked. At ADB Financial Services, we assist you throught these processes. 

We guide our clients through the claims that need to be made for UIF an pension funds. We also consult our clients through the legalities of dismissal. 

Why should you Choose ADB Financial Services?

Personalised Service

With ADB Financial Services you are not just another client. You are an individual with a specific situation. We are here to help you.

Flexible Availability

We understand that talking about your financial situation is a private matter that can't be discussed at all times. Therefore, we are willing to schedule after-hour calls in order for you to be able to speak to us openly and comfortably.

Exceptional Dedication

We are dedicated to our clients. At ADB Financial Services we work around the clock, going to extreme lengths to serve and assist our clients.


What My Clients Say?

ADBFS helped me tremendously! My debt was reduced by almost 3/4!! Thank you to Ansie and her team who defenitely went the extra-mile for me.
Amanda Vermeulen
I was sceptical at the start as my wife and I had decided to apply for debt rescue. But when Ansie explained what the alternative is, and we started saving money and getting out of debt - I stopped doubting. We can't thank Ansie enough.
Chabeli Phakisi
After my dad passed away, we were so confused about how to go about settling his estate. We didn't even know where to start. Ansie patiently guided us through the whole thing. She really made the hardest period of my life, so much easier.
Leah Douglas